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Our First Camera Choice

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Our First Camera Choice

If you are like us, you want to know which camera we use and our reasons for choosing our camera. We researched everywhere we could get our hands on information about cameras. The competitors where the Nikon D4, D600, D800, D7000 and lastly, our choice, the D5200. We left Canon and other camera makers out of the loop for the same reasons someone picks Ford over Chevy. I have known the Nikon name for many years.

Why the D5200 you ask? Good question. First, let’s talk about the features we thought were important to us ... full frame versus crop, mega pixels, lens selections, and yea cute factor. Ok, so they are almost same in looks which lead us to the first point, full or crop? We chose crop for our first camera. The ¼ price difference heavily influenced that decision. As for mega pixels, we prefer landscape photography and we felt we needed as many pixels as we could get with our budget. The D5200 had a whopping 36.2 MP which is great for cropping in on the little critters we are lucky enough to run into on our Journey. Last of all, Michelle says the cool flip out screen was just a feature she couldn’t live without.

As for our research into which camera to purchase, we looked online, at our fellow photographers, local department stores and YouTube. Sorry to say, Wal-Mart sucked. Wal-Mart camera department is the worst around. The alarm goes off just for standing close to the cameras. Nome of the cameras could turned on to test features. And yes, electronic reps are clueless. I have to admit, at least, Best Buy did allow lots of hands on testing of the different cameras. We went with the huge online giant, We found the best bundle deal on their site. I give you this one word of advice, research the end supplier. Mostly likely, the supplier will not be amazon. Our order was from New York which shipiped our order promptly with great care. So to that, thanks Cameto Camera.

Chris and Michelle

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